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Join the unique advertising opportunity with Strongberry channel's 380,000 YouTube subscribers! Showcase your ads across various platforms through drama content advertising. Start promoting your brand through multiple channels such as Tving, Wavve, Watcha, Naver, 31 web hard, and global platforms. In addition to the core BL and GL drama content of the Strongberry brand, you can also incorporate ads into variety-style supplementary content. Apply for advertising packages now and begin a new brand experience!



YouTube Content Options

A unique advertising opportunity with 360,000 YouTube subscribers!

Maximum views for
a single content


Total views for
all content



Our representative YouTube drama content is the BL drama "Choco Milk Shake Episode 1," which has exceeded 5million views. Most of our drama content has over 1 million views. Our audience consists of 70% women and 30% men, with viewers from various age groups and around the world.

- ​The age distribution of our viewers is as follows: 13-17 years old 6.7%, 18-24 years old 36.7%, 25-34 years old 23.9%, 35-44 years old 15.1%, 45-54 years old 10.1%, 55-64 years old 4.4%, and 65 years old or above 3.2%. The majority are in their 20s and 30s.

- Over 90% of our viewers are non-subscribers, which means we have a much broader audience than just our subscribers.

- Our global viewer distribution is diverse: India 12.5%, Indonesia 8.0%, South Korea 7.2%, the United States 6.8%, Japan 5.1%, the Philippines 4.6%, Brazil 4.5%, Thailand 3.5%, and Vietnam 3.5%. Worried about the percentage of your desired advertising region? Although the percentage may be small, YouTube content often has high view counts, resulting in significant exposure. (As of April 30, 2023, based on the last 90 days, only regions with 3% or more are recorded).


We also have additional content such as behind-the-scenes and variety-style content. While these types of content may have fewer views than the main drama episodes, they allow for a more effective advertising delivery as viewers are less likely to reject the direct introduction and presentation of advertising products. The most popular additional content is "Choco Milk Shake Making Episode 1," which introduces a perfume product and has recorded 240,000 views.


Paid Platform Content Options

Start promoting your brand through various channels




For paid platform content, the representative BL drama "Long Time No See" is available. This work has been showcased on all platforms in South Korea, such as Tving, Wavve, Watcha, Naver, 31 web hard drives, as well as on global platforms like Taiwan's GagaOOLala, Japan's Rakuten TV, and Amazon Prime.


Actual Advertising Case

There's a drama called "Please Tell Me So" which conducted indirect advertising through YouTube content. In this case, the dating app Blued commissioned the indirect advertising, and the entire drama was produced to match the product, allowing for a natural introduction and brand exposure. The number of views reached 1.78 million.


Advertising Product Packages

16,000 USD No VAT required



Brand or product exposure 2 times

Ending credit sponsorship display 2 times

- Choose between YouTube content or paid platform content


Advertising Product Application Guide

Application Process and Period

· Advertising product application process: Fill out the application form - Invoice issuance - Ad payment deposit - Consultation - Content creation - Content review - Release

· Required time: Content production may take several months after consultation, but we strive to showcase it within a maximum of 5 months.

Required Materials

· You can fill out the application form at the bottom of this page.
· After reviewing your application form, the advertising representative will contact you.

· We will guide you on the necessary materials, such as the product to be included in the content, product images, and brand logo.

Terms of Use and Refund Policy

· Completing the application form does not guarantee acceptance, and the application may be rejected after review by our staff. Reasons for rejection can be found below:

- Sales or promotion of counterfeit products

- Products that encourage fraudulent activities

- Ads or landing pages that promote hate, prejudice, discrimination, or violence

- Products inappropriate for all ages, such as adult products, in the case of YouTube content

- Other cases contrary to MATCHBOX's mission

· Refunds are not possible once content planning starts following the consultation.

· During consultation, content will be produced through sufficient coordination, and completed content review is possible only within the minimum scope to assess potential issues.

· Please note that the completed content includes paid advertising. For YouTube content, "Includes Paid Promotion" is displayed at the beginning, and for paid platform content, sponsorship is announced with a logo in the ending credits.

· Multiple products can be advertised within a single content piece, but products of the same category will not be displayed together. For example, if the advertised product is a cosmetic, cosmetics from other brands will not be shown. However, for series content, ads of the same category may appear in different episodes. If you do not want products of a similar category to appear throughout the series content, you must purchase products for all episodes and make a separate inquiry.

· If you want to use the completed content, you need to check the combined product and discuss it separately.

· Removing a product or brand from the content after it is released is not possible. In particular, even before the content is released, it is impossible to remove a product or brand after filming, especially in the case of drama content.

Additional Information

· All products are subject to additional value-added tax. There is no value-added tax for businesses outside of South Korea.

· Advertising product prices may change from time to time, and the price at the time of application will be applied.


Ad Application




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