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Matchbox, which conveys hope, passion and warmth through content, is looking for someone to work with.

Video Content Promotion Marketing

Recruitment application deadline

Thursday, June 23, 2022 5pm Closed early due to completion of recruitment

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Recruitment Division and Personnel

Video content promotion marketing 1 person

Job Description

Video content promotion marketing 

Other video content related business planning and execution

hiring date

July 1, 2022

Employment Period and Type of Employment

3 month contract worker (can be converted to full-time after job evaluation)

working hours

voluntary work 40 hours a week

Required working hours: Monday-Friday 1pm-5pm


210 million won per month

- Insurance workers' share and income tax included

- Including tax-free income of 100,000 won


Meals provided

'Fresh Friday' paid vacation once a month

payment of congratulations and condolences

​4 major insurance

Compliance with welfare matters stipulated in other laws

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This recruitment is based on the Ministry of Employment and Labor's 'Work experience program intern' We will proceed with support. Therefore, there are inevitably restrictions on applicants.

Career - Any

​Age - Any

Gender - Regardless. However, in the case of men, military service or exemption from military service


- Those who need work experience support among recipients of the National Employment Support System

*Types of Support for Recipients of the National Employment Support System

① Type I, requirement screening type: Among job seekers aged 15 to 69, those who have less than 60% of the median household income, less than 400 million won in assets, and who have worked for more than 100 days or 800 hours within the last two years

② Type I, Selection Type: Those who do not meet the employment experience requirements among the requirements screening type (However, for young people aged 18 to 34, less than 120% of the median household income, regardless of employment experience)

③ Type II, specific class: marriage immigrants, youth in crisis, special type workers with annual sales of less than 12.5 million won, small business owners, etc.

④ Type II, Youth: 18~34 years old job seekers

⑤ Type II, middle-aged: Those aged between 35 and 69 with less than 100% of the median income among job seekers

- Matchbox is a 'child/juvenile-related institution' as defined in the Sexual Protection Act for Children and Juveniles. In addition, a person for whom 10 years have not passed since the date the execution was suspended or exempted cannot be hired. (Excluding those sentenced to a fine)

preferential treatment

Relevant job experience preferred

Those who can use Final Cut are preferred

Those who can write in a foreign language (English) are preferred

※ 'Preferences' are not mandatory when applying, but preferential treatment/reference.

Application and Admissions

How to apply

Apply after registering as recipients of the National Employment System

Before registering as a recipient of the National Employment System, please contact us with your resume using the form below and we will guide you in detail. 

application documents

Further notice

Admission Schedule

Registration of recipients of the National Employment System → In-depth counseling for participation in the work experience program and diagnosis of employment competency → Reception of documents → Interview → Announcement of acceptance → Contract (experience verification, sexual offense history inquiry)

Submission deadline: Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 5pm (Early deadline for recruitment)

Interview: Conducted from time to time after document review (individual contact, schedule consultation)


Matchbox 02-831-6269 (Inquiries available from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM on weekdays)


Upload your resume

Submission Accepted

Application deadline

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