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Sat, Oct 29


Indie Space

A queer movie made with my own hands 2022

Dad keeps coming back alive / Squid scandal / What's in my bag / Funeral color / Favorite color / Master is a guilty person / Cafe de Dream

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A queer movie made with my own hands 2022
A queer movie made with my own hands 2022

시간 및 장소

Oct 29, 2022, 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Indie Space, 8th floor, Wise Park, 176 Yanghwa-ro, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

상영회 소개

Dad keeps coming back alive Director Hyunsoo Kim | Starring Dahyun Kang, Kyungho Na, Seongjin Yoo | 25 minutes

"Ouch!!! What is it, a ghost?!”, “No, it’s Dad.” It has been 7 years since the father of twins Jo Eun and Jo Young died by suicide. In front of Jo-eun, who has been living a rather ordinary life, her father comes back alive, a few days before the due date. The father, who can only be seen in Jo-eun's eyes, follows and meddles with Jo-eun wherever she goes. Although Jo Eun accepts this reality quite calmly, she worries about whether her father is wandering around Gucheon because she has done something wrong. In the end, Jo Eun starts the 'Dad Return Project' without the twins Jo Young, who doesn't like talking about her father...

squid scandal Director Lee Da-eun | Starring Jung Soo-mi, Song-i, Lee Seung-eun, Oh, Sang-ho | 12 minutes

As the protagonist, Eun-ji, falls in love and falls in love with her lover, she sees herself as shabby, even a squid. And Eun-ji consults to solve the problem.

Whats in My Bag Director Heo Ijin | Starring Kim In-kyung and Kim Ji-hyun | 12 minutes

Hyun-i is passionately in love with Joo-young. He struggles alone to win Joo-young's heart, and eventually gets his hands on the wish doll. The plan was pretty perfect. Until Jooyoung finds out.

funeral color Director Lee Dong-min | Starring Yeo, Yeohwan, Sanghee Lee, Hansol, Kim Donghyeon | 20 minutes

Gay Seung-hyeok, an employee of a funeral service company, and Eun-hee, a middle-aged woman who makes an absurd request to show her funeral in advance. At Eun-hee's request, she prepares a strange funeral without the dead...

Favorite color Director Baek Kyung-hwan | Starring Myung-gyu Kim, Hyuk-jin Yoon | 13 minutes

Dongmin is an art major with total color blindness. Dongmin has to submit a drawing of his favorite color as an assignment by next week. He communicates with Kyung-joon, who is in unrequited love, and devises a task. Dong-min struggles to feel the sky-blue that Kyung-jun likes, and in the process, he listens to his heart.

lord is a guilty man Director Lilive (Kim Yeji) | Starring Kim Eun-young, Song Ju-an, Kim Da-young | 13 minutes

Haru, a freshman in society, goes on a business trip to another area with Hanbyul, the direct boss and head of the company that he has a crush on. A day when I fell in love with a woman of the same gender for the first time in my life. Haru decides to determine whether Hanbyeol is a lesbian Butchi based on the background knowledge she has gathered through her lesbian acquaintance, Joo-hyeon.

Cafe de Dream Director Jongchan Lee | Starring Kim Junsu and Yeo Woon | 12 minutes

Minsu, an ordinary cafe employee, is struggling with the stress of his recent work. Then, a mysterious drag appears in a dream, gives him three items, blurs the line between dream and reality, and tries to relieve stress and get love.

After all the movies have been screened, the GV will be held.

A queer film made with my own hands

'Queer Films Made with My Hands' is a short queer film production workshop designed so that non-majors with no experience in film production can take the course. Based on a curriculum that encompasses the basic theory of film and production practice, we focused on the actual production process of our own short films through five instructors in each field and our own management system. The workshop, which started with 14 students, produced 7 short films and 2 screenplays, and the 7-month process was completed. Short films produced at the workshop can be viewed on domestic and international online platforms after the screening. Scenarios will be distributed in booklets at the screening site.

Guide to social distancing guidelines

- Please wear a mask at all times while watching a movie.

- All food and beverages except drinks are prohibited.

Ticket distributor Indie Space 8th floor

- This screening is for audiences aged 15 and over based on its own rating.

- Tickets will be distributed from 40 minutes to 10 minutes before the on-site screening on the same day.

- On-site reservations are possible only for the remaining seats that have not been distributed 10 minutes before the start of the screening when sold out online. 

- Parking inside the cinema building is free for 3 hours on the day of watching the movie, and 1,000 won per 10 minutes in excess. For parking verification, get a parking discount certificate at the Indyspace ticket office after holding a ticket for the same day. Refunds are not available for uncertified departures. Parking payment can be made in advance at the unmanned payment machine located in front of the elevator on the 3rd basement floor when exiting the vehicle.

- In principle, the screening will be on time, but the start time of the screening may be delayed depending on the situation of the audience.


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