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Sun, Oct 17


CGV Sinchon Artreon Hall 3

The queer movie I made with my own hands, Section 1 White Lie, 17th (Sun) 6pm

Lying / I met a cat at a convenience store / Half kiss and half seasoned / Between completion and incompleteness

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The queer movie I made with my own hands, Section 1 White Lie, 17th (Sun) 6pm
The queer movie I made with my own hands, Section 1 White Lie, 17th (Sun) 6pm

시간 및 장소

Oct 17, 2021, 6:00 PM – 7:20 PM

CGV Sinchon Artreon Hall 3, 129, Sinchon-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

상영회 소개

  • Section 1. white lie

Lying Director Kim Do-yeon | Cast: Lee Ji-hyeon, Yoo Hyun-tae | 19 minutes

“The truth that I wrote on paper because I couldn’t be caught, I can now tell you.” Ji-hyeon hates Seok-jin. I don't like coming home all of a sudden, getting drunk and forgetting my promise to myself, or leaning on my shoulder at will. After that, Seokjin suddenly confessed to enlistment. Jihyun hates the military now.

I met a cat at a convenience store Director Yoonji Kang | Cast: Kang Da-hyeon, Lee Cheong | 17 minutes

"cat… Wait?" Bora doesn't know why the store owner hates cats. The boss even fights with Eugene, who comes to buy a can of feed, raising his voice. Even so, Eugene perseveres and comes to the convenience store to buy cans. Bora doesn't know if this strange feeling is because of the cat or Eugene.

half kiss seasoning Director Park Jong-won | Starring Yoon-hwan Park, Sang-gil Han | 16 minutes | English subtitles

“He who is as sweet as chicken. Can you do it for me?” Sang-min lives with Min-soo, a senior in the sports department, whom he has had a crush on for a long time. Unlike Sang-min, who dies suddenly when it comes to seasoned chicken, Min-su eats only chicken breast to maintain his body. Sangmin seems to be able to offer Minsu's favorite chicken leg.

Between completion and incompleteness Director Donghyuk Shin | Starring Young-pyo Kim, Yo-han Lim, Young-joo Noh | 18 minutes | English subtitles

“I think I love my hyungs” Minho, an asexual, has a difficult time with the way sexual people love. The two boyfriends, Sungjin and Gyutae, wait for Minho like that, but I keep wondering if it's okay to continue this relationship. Can Minho fall in love with these two?

A queer film made with my own hands

'Queer Films Made with My Hands' is a short queer film production workshop designed so that non-majors with no experience in film production can take the course. Based on a curriculum that encompasses the basic theory of film and production practice, we focused on the process of making our own short films through our own management system and 6 external invited instructors for each field. This workshop, which started with 11 students, produced a total of 8 works and completed the 7-month process. All works produced in the workshop can be viewed on domestic and international online platforms after the screening.

Guide to social distancing guidelines

In accordance with social distancing guidelines, the operating policy will be changed before/after 18:00.

- Up to 4 people can watch the movie ending before 18:00

- Films ending after 18:00, admission for up to 2 people

This movie ends after 18:00, so you can reserve up to 2 seats per person.

- Seating is in operation, and we ask that you always wear a mask while watching a movie.

- All food and beverages except drinks are prohibited. Those who do not wear a mask during the viewing cannot watch the movie.

- In accordance with the Corona 19 quarantine rules, stage greetings and GV events will not be held separately.

Ticket distributor CGV Sinchon Artreon 5F, in front of Building 3

- This section is for viewers aged 15 and over based on its own rating.

- Ticket distribution starts 30 minutes before the on-site screening on the same day, and seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

- We recommend using public transportation as parking facilities in the cinema are very narrow. In case of unavoidable use of the parking lot in the building, parking of medium-sized or larger vehicles is prohibited and a charge of 4,500 won per 3 hours is charged.

- In principle, the screening will be on time, but the start time of the screening may be delayed depending on the situation of the audience.

- This film screening is conducted in MOV, and only works with some subtitles are available. Please refer to the separate notation in the introduction of the work.


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