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One step closer to my movie: Short Romance Scenario

Shall I turn my weary daily life into a movie?

Weekday evening workshop without homework

From theory to practice, feel free to participate

Target  Anyone who wants to write a screenplay for a short film

personnel8 people (first-come-first-served basis)

calendar May 26 - July 28, 2021, 7:30 - 9:30 pm (Wednesday, 8 lessons in total)

PlaceMatchbox (2nd floor, 90 Yeonhui-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul)



Jang Young-sun

movie director

Directing the 2020 movie 'Supplementary Lesson'

Directed the 2018 movie 'Four Vampires'

Directed the 2016 movie 'Brother is Back'

Directed the 2015 movie 'It's not over yet'

Directed 2013 movie 'Crunchy with Kindness' and many other works


■ Detailed schedule

주요 개념
아이디어 구상
영화 시나리오 작법 및 기본 개념 / 아이디어 10가지 구상하기
아이디어에 대해 리뷰 주고 받기 / 구상한 아이디어를 추려 시놉시스 5가지 쓰기
5가지 시놉시스에 대해 리뷰 주고 받기 / 구상한 시놉시스 중 발전시킬 아이템 최종 선택
확정된 시놉시스를 바탕으로 트리트먼트 쓰기 / 트리트먼트 리뷰 주고 받기
피드백을 바탕으로 트리트먼트 보완하기 / 트리트먼트 리뷰 주고 받기
보완/완성된 트리트먼트를 바탕으로 시나리오 쓰기 / 시나리오 리뷰 주고 받기
피드백을 바탕으로 시나리오 보완하기 / 시나리오 리뷰 주고 받기
시나리오 최종 보완해 완성시키기 / 시나리오 리뷰 주고 받기


■ Reception

period May 03 (Mon) ~ May 24 (Mon)

** After confirming payment, we will send you an email to guide you to participate in the workshop.

WayOnline website registration and full prepayment of tuition

tuition 260 thousand won (tax included)

Payment Method bank transfer or credit card

■ Results

Overall knowledge and practical skills of movie scenarios

One of my short film screenplays

1 booklet containing my scenario and a copyright registration document

■ Benefits

Free 24/7 rental of office space if you don't have a workspace to focus on

Registered the completed scenario with the Korea Copyright Commission

Scenario binding 1 gift (additional order possible)

according to student needsPossible to discuss and support the direction of promotion of filmmaking

■ Information

- This workshop is a combination of theory lecture time and practical time without a separate assignment.

- Please freely prepare tools that can be used when participating in the workshop. (notebook, pad, note and pen, etc.)

- Copyright registration documents and scenario bindings will be mailed to you after all processes are completed.

- Depending on the corona situation, some lectures may be switched to online.

- Lecture schedule may be partially changed according to agreement and circumstances.

- If the minimum number of people is not met, the course progress and schedule may be changed.

- Tuition fee is non-refundable if you give up midway after the first session of this workshop.

■ Contact us


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